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Alexandra Kendrick


Alexandra is a Georgia native who moved to Washington, DC in 2008. She worked in Congress for six years handling Congressional logistics, issues and worked campaign events from barbeques to townhall meetings. Before moving to Washington DC, Alexandra worked in Savannah GA as a Realtor for almost a decade.

In 2014 she served as finance director on a U.S. Senate race, raising over 9 million dollars, hosting 100’s of events across the country. After a close loss she founded High Cotton Consulting, a firm which specializes in event planning, fundraising and networking. It quickly grew to be in the top 10 of firms based in Washington, DC, before expanding further into Fundraising Inc., now the largest firm on Capitol Hill.

While a southern girl at heart, Alexandra loves Washington, DC and is lucky to call both it and Georgia home. Her other loves include her dog Coconut and discount fashion shopping.

Alexandra Kendrick
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